ABA Workplace Transport Groupings for Forklifts

In the forklift industry every truck has its own ABA category to ensure the correct areas are covered during training for the particular truck set by our accrediting bodies AITT, NPORS, RTITB and ITSSAR.

Please have a look at the table below to see the groups your staff need training on.

Group Picture Operator Energy Type
A Group Pedestrian Pallet Truck/Stacker
A1 Pedestrian Electric Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks
A2 Rider Electric Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking trucks
A3 Pedestrian Electric Counterbalance lift trucks
A4 Rider Electric Rider Pallet Stackers
A5 Pedestrian Electric Pallet stackers
A6 Pedestrian Electric Straddle trucks
A7 Pedestrian Electric Reach trucks
B Group Counterbalance Truck
B1 Rider Electric & I.C.E Counterbalance lift truck up to and including 5 tonne*
B2 & B3 Rider Electric & I.C.E B2 Counterbalance lift truck over 5 tonne- up to and including 15 tonne B3 Counterbalance lift truck over 15 tonne*

Rider Electric Stand – on counterbalance
C Group Side Loader
C1 & C2 Rider Electric & I.C.E C1: Side Loader up to and including 5 tonne*. C2: Side Loader over 5 tonne- up to and including 15 tonne*.
C3 Rider Electric & I.C.E Side Loader over 15 tonne*
D Group Reach
D1 & D2 Rider Electric D1: Reach & straddle truck 3-8m lift. D2: Reach & straddle truck over 8m lift
D3 Rider Electric Stand on Reach trucks
E Group Order Picker (Low and High)
E1 Rider Electric Medium lift order picking trucks up to 3m
E2 Rider Electric High lift order picking trucks over 3m
F Group (Man Down and Man Up)
F1 Rider Electric Very narrow aisle lateral (and front) stacking trucks – operator up
F2 Rider Electric Very narrow aisle lateral (and front) stacking trucks – operator down
G Group Container Handler
G1 Rider I.C.E Container Straddle carriers

Rider I.C.E Counterbalance container handling trucks
G3 Rider I.C.E Side loader container handling trucks
G4 Rider I.C.E Telescopic container handler trucks
G5 Rider I.C.E Rough Terrain Telescopic container handler truck
H Group Tow Tractor and Trailer
H1  Rider Electric & I.C.E Tow Tractor and Trailer (Rider)
H2 & H3 Pedestrian Electric & I.C.E H2: Tow Tractor and Trailer.(Pedestrian)  H3: Tow Tractor and Trailer over 15,000kg
J Group (applied to 2 or 4-wheel steer) Telescopic Handler and Rough Terrain
J1 Rider I.C.E Rough terrain masted lift trucks
J2 Rider I.C.E Rough terrain variable reach lift truck – up to 9m lift
J3 Rider I.C.E Rough terrain high lift telescopic trucks – above 9m
J4 Rider I.C.E Industrial variable lift truck – up to 9m lift
J5 Rider I.C.E Industrial high lift telescopic truck – above 9m lift
J6 & J7 Rider I.C.E J6: Variable reach/tele, 360o slew under 9m lift. J7: Variable reach/tele, 360o slew over 9m lift.
J8 Rider I.C.E Articulated RT Telescopic lift truck
M Group Multi Directional (4 Way)
M1 Rider Electric Multi-directional Counterbalance lift truck
M2 Rider Electric & I.C.E Multi-directional side loader
M3 Rider Electric & I.C.E Multi-directional Reach truck
P Group Pivot Steer
P1 Rider Electric & I.C.E Pivot steer trucks
P2 Pedestrian Electric Pivot steer trucks
T Group Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (Moffett)
T1* Rider I.C.E Vehicle Mounted lift truck
Z Group
Z1 Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Pallet trucks
Z2 Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Platform trucks (including fixed type)
Z3 Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Pallet stacker
Z4 Pedestrian Manual & Semi-Manual Straddle truck
MEWP Group
 1A Rider Electric & I.C.E Static Vertical – Driven into position and cannot drive elevated
1B Rider & Pedestrian Electric & I.C.E Static Boom – Trailer mount, van mount, lorry mount and spider lift, cannot drive elevated
3A Rider Electric & I.C.E Mobile Vertical – Can drive elevated
3B Rider Electric & I.C.E Mobile Boom – Can drive elevated

PLT Training are able to offer Plant Machinery courses for the Construction, Industrial, Utilities, Warehousing, Agricultural, Ports and Marine sectors.  We are able to offer these training courses through an NPORS who have been supporting the industry for over 20 years and are one of the UK’s leading Accreditation and Registration Bodies.