Fire Marshal Training with a fire extinguisher.

Do I need Fire Marshal training for my company?

One of the common questions asked by our clients is whether Fire Marshal training is compulsory and whether they need appointed Fire Marshals.

Plain and simple the answer to those 2 questions is a big “yes”. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you are required to provide general fire safety training to all your staff, but also specific Fire Marshal training to your appointed responsible staff members.

About the law

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states to “appoint one or more competent persons” who will have the given responsibility in implementing and monitoring your workplace fire procedures. It also mentions in the Fire Safety Order that the competent person will have had “sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures.”

As an employer you have the responsibility to ensure you have appointed staff members who have had adequate Fire Marshal training, and where the training takes into consideration the “specific hazards involved in, the premises concerned”.

Role of a Fire Marshal

Having Fire Marshal’s hugely benefits your business as they are a fundamental part of your fire safety plans. With their knowledge in Fire Safety they are able to monitor your premises to ensure it is free from fire, and the fire risk assessments are up to date and relevant.

Please see duties of Fire Marshals below:

  • Reporting faults/unsafe practices/incidents
  • Giving fire safety briefings
  • Assisting in Fire Risk Assessments
  • Helping with the emergency plan

Fire Marshal Training

As an employer if you don’t have appointed Fire Marshal’s then we highly recommend our Fire Marshal course not because it’s the law but the fire safety they can bring to your business.  Course covers the following content: what to do during a fire, fire risk control, basics of fire safety, responsibilities of a Fire Marshal, correct usage of fire extinguishers and a lot more.  At the end of the course delegates are provided with a Fire Marshal certificate which is kept in their files if forever needed for an external audit purposes.

To find out more please click on this link or call us now on 01902 862777.

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