Nicc (Grad IOSH)

About: Nicc (Grad IOSH)

  • Role : Managing Director
  • Experience : 20 years+
  • Specialist in : Training

Nicc started training in 1992, subcontracting  for many training companies which required copious amounts of travelling especially down in London and staying away. The travelling began to grate after a number of years and Nicc felt ready to launch his own business, which started out with an advert in the Yellow Pages. Building on the trust and experience Nicc had gained over the years and the strong relationships he had forged with numerous companies meant before long he had to take on his first Trainer, Adrian Lane.


Nicc has training experience in all environments from nuclear power stations to foundries, gaining a vast knowledge and experience, which has always enabled him to be able to answer queries on scenarios and potential training needs, then and now.


The primary focus for Nicc has always been to provide the best service he can, with an ever increasing team working around him, who are equally passionate about delivering great customer service through their differing roles.


Nicc rarely switches off from the business and studies avidly any and anything that could help him push the business forward and achieve the best for the business as a whole – the customers, trainers and employees. While Nicc is always striving to better himself and the business, when he does manage to take time out, he likes to spend it with his friends and family, sea fishing, enjoying good food and drink and not taking himself too seriously!