Mike (Grad IOSH)

About: Mike (Grad IOSH)

  • Role : Health and Safety/First Aid Trainer
  • Experience : 17 years
  • Specialist in : Health and Safety

Mike is a Health and Safety Trainer at PLT, with twenty years of expertise spanning from First Aid to Security to Conflict Management to Health & Safety to Physical Intervention. Mike hasn’t always worked within the training industry though – he was previously a HGV1 driver, which is actually what inspired him to explore Health and Safety training. Recently Mike has completed and achieved a Level 6 Diploma in Health & Safety which gave him the promotion to Grad IOSH Level, not only that he is also busy working towards becoming an Ambulance Technician which in the long run will lead to a paramedic role.


Away from training, Mike likes to partake in riding his motorbike, going to festivals, the gym, spending time with his son and getting time in on motor racing tracks and at rallies.