First Aid Training

First Aid Training Courses

Here at PLT, we understand the real world and will not compromise on standards or practical training when it comes to giving your staff the best knowledge to help them do their job in an efficient and safe mannerOur courses are designed to encourage discussion and participation, with delegates coming away with practical and well grounded understanding in their First Aid training.


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We received First Aid training on the 10th April from a trainer called Will.


Will was fantastic in explaining everything and showing us the demonstrations making sure we were doing them all correctly. It was a fun and very worthwhile course to do, I would recommend everyone to use PLT Training.


Unexpectedly, I had to use this training quicker than I thought I would have to, because a week later my dad suffered a cardiac arrest at home. If I hadn’t have taken the first aid course I wouldn’t like to think what would of happened, but thankfully I saved my own dads life and managed to do CPR well enough to save him.


When you do First Aid training you don’t ever think you will need it, but one day you might need to use the training like myself and you could save somebody! Once again, thank you Will. 

– Rachael Felton, All in One Medical