Overhead Crane (Accredited)

Overhead Crane (Accredited)

Overhead Crane (Accredited)

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Course Overview

This training will allow the employee to carry out routine inspections of the machinery/lifting tackle and recognise the causes of load instability.  They will also be able to operate the crane using safe and correct procedures in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and good practice.


An Accredited Overhead Crane course is available, please check the DURATION box for specific details.

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Course Content


      • Need to train
      • HASWA 1974
      • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
      • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
      • Slinging and lifting equipment/defects on lifting  equipment
      • Advanced lifting procedures
      • Safe use of D Shackles/Eye bolts
      • Safe working loads/Crane/Lifting gear
      • Slinging and lifting techniques
      • Use of slings/Equipment at different angles
      • Pre-use checks/Crane/Lifting gear
      • Banksman duties/Hand signals
      • Operator’s safety code


      • Introduction to the crane
      • Pre-use checks
      • Crane operations
      • Basic slinging techniques
      • Practice
      • Practical assessment


Novice Operators:People who have had no previous experience of operating overhead cranes or slinging
Duration:  1 day/Accredited 2 days
Maximum trainee: instructor to crane ratio – 4:1:1
Experienced Operators& Refresher Training:People who have had some previous experience, and might well be familiar with the characteristics and control of an overhead crane and the fundamentals of slinging and lifting but have not had the benefit of any formal training in basic operating skills. Previously certificated crane operators and slingers who have previous certification and now wish to maintain or enhance their skill level.
Duration:  1 days
Maximum trainee: instructor to crane ratio – 6:1:1/Accredited – 4:1:1

Cost of course (price excludes VAT)

Offsite (customer site) – £395 per day

For ITSSAR TOPS registration add £10 per person

Plus £5 per person if photo card required


This training can only take place at the clients site

Our services are fully mobile which means we are able to deliver courses in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Solihull, Sandwell, Walsall but also Nationwide.