Ready for any First Aid Emergency

PLT Training First Aid Emergency First Aid Wolverhampton West Midlands

Ready for any First Aid Emergency

Several of the PLT team took part in one of the recent Qualsafe Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work training courses held at the PLT Training Ltd, with Trainer Dave Copcutt.

 PLT Training Fraz Emergency First Aid

For Fraz Mohammed, PLT Marketing Assistant, this was his first ever official First Aid course, so he was looking to gain knowledge and the confidence to deal with situations should they arise not just at work but also at home with his family. Like many, Fraz has been in situations previously whereby he has seen someone in need of assistance but not been able to offer help due to not feeling suitably equipped to do so.


As Fraz had never attended a previous First Aid course, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, apart from CPR and your basic first aid kit uses. So he was impressed when Dave discussed the pointers for recognising someone suffering a stroke or heart attack for example, and how to prevent them deteriorating. Nicki Cox, PLT Business Development Manager was amazed at the detail the course went into over how to communicate with the casualty and other people who might be around at the time of incident and the possible hazards that as a First Aider, you could face.


Fraz and Nicki both really enjoyed the course and were able to connect everything learnt in their theory lesson in the practical part of the training; discussing giving treatment from the primary survey through to the secondary and being able to re-enact real life scenarios with the support of manikins and other props. Both Nicki and Fraz felt that with Dave’s style of delivery, breadth of knowledge from not only being a Trainer but also a paramedic and the tools he used from PowerPoint, video, real life examples, handouts and discussion, there was something to catch everyone’s attention and enable them to pick up the necessary techniques easily. Suffice to say, they and everyone else who attended the course, passed and are now fully fledged First Aiders, ready to face any forthcoming challenges with confidence.