Raising Awareness of Health and Safety

Health and Safety Awareness for Managers PLT Training 5x7cm WEB

Raising Awareness of Health and Safety

Nicki Cox, PLT Business Development Manager, tackled a recently run Health and Safety Managers course with Trainer Dave Copcutt at the PLT classrooms. Although Nicki is not directly involved in Health and Safety, PLT prides itself on the teams in the various departments, knowing and understanding the courses we offer, inside and out.


Nicki Cox PLT Telesales Representative

Nicki Cox PLT Business Development Manager

Nicki ensured she had read the course outline, so would have an idea of what to expect – Health and Safety culture, benefits, legislations, policies, responsibilities, regimes, assessments, accident prevention and investigation. Not having done any previous training like this before, Nicki was slightly apprehensive about what to expect with how the group would interact and the balance between activities and theoretical. However Dave ensured that Nicki and her fellow attendees were engaged throughout, and their interest was held, by pitching to the varied group at levels to suit.


Nicki’s interest was piqued with the videos that Dave showed demonstrating how quickly fires could spread across grounds that you just wouldn’t expect them to plus the legality side of health and safety and who is ultimately responsible for it all.


All in all, the day long course was a perfect awareness raising tool for the communication and implementation of health and safety, with Nicki and her fellow attendees thoroughly enjoying themselves.