Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

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Course Overview 

Operators should be trained to an essential level of skill to work with PPS trucks safely, efficiently and with competence. By the end of the course the operator should state the reasons for operators training, and pass a basic operatives skills test as set out in the HSE publication Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, Approved Code of Practice, (L117).

Course Content


  • Need to train
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Employers & Employees Duties
  • Principle of counterbalance
  • Rated capacity/Load centres
  • Understand the causes of instability of truck and load
  • Operators safety code
  • Relevant films
  • Theory test


  • Carry out a pre-use inspection checks
  • Battery charging and maintenance
  • Basic steering and how walk with the truck correctly
  • Advanced steering (chicane, confined areas)
  • Safe use of hydraulic controls
  • Loading and unloading a vehicle (if required from ground level or loading bay).
  • Picking up and depositing a load at ground level
  • Use of industrial racking systems
  • Use of free standing stacks (if required)
  • Stacking and de-stacking at all level from ground to high levels
  • Operators practical skills test

Cost of course (price excludes VAT)


£275.00 per day (up to 3 people)

ITSSAR TOPS registration add £10 per person OR RTITB NORS registration add £10 per person Plus £5 per person if photo card required

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