Forward Tipping Dumper/Rear Tipping Dumper

Forward Tipping Dumper/Rear Tipping Dumper

Forward Tipping Dumper/Rear Tipping Dumper

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Course Overview

The Forward Tipping Dumper or Rear Tipping Dumper trainee will be expected to identify basic construction and components together with their uses, limitations and principles of operation and understand the operator’s duties and responsibilities by the end of this training.

Designed for candidates that are required to operate a Forward or Rear Tipping Dumper.

Course Content

  • Basic understanding of the industry and the dangers of working in the industry and responsibilities as an operator
  • Working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook in-regards to the use of the machine
  • Identify major components and explain functions
  • Be able to identify key controls and understand functions
  • Maintain PPE related to the forward tipping dumper
  • Undertake pre-operational checks aligned to the manufactures and legislative requirements
  • Conduct necessary safety checks
  • Prep forward tipping dumper for operation and use in a safe and efficient manner
  • Consider environmental factors
  • Knowledge and understanding of unloading and loading for machine transportation
  • Attach set trailers in readiness of operations
  • Transporting and storage of implements and attachments
  • Conduct close-down procedures

Cost of course (price excludes VAT)

NPORS (N204/N205)– £375 per day 

Inhouse– £295 per day 


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This training can only take place at the clients site

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